Ski and Snowboard tuning, waxing, binding

We provide a range of services for snow sports equipment including Ski and Snowboard tuning, waxing, binding, mounting and repairs. Our team is professional and reliable, and our equipment is the state-of-the-art for ski and snowboard tuning.

While your new skis or board are tuned and waxed straight out of the factory, the condition of your equipment requires constant maintenance to ensure maximum on-snow performance. Our trained professionals have years of experience in ski and snowboard tuning and, with the help of our state of the art ski tuning facility, utilising world-cup level Wintersteiger machinery, our team at Proski Newcastle can have your equipment performing its absolute best for your next on-snow adventure, be it riding the fresh stuff, tearing apart a groomer or lapping the park.

The more you ski or ride the quicker your equipment suffers and will need some work to get back into peak performance. When referring to performance the main factoring elements are: Maximum glide Strong edge hold Obtaining maximum glide is achieved by ensuring your skis or board are clean, flat, structured and properly waxed. Strong edge hold and control requires your equipment to have clean, sharp, and rust-free edges with the correct angle on the side and base edges. Our trained professionals have years of experience in ski and snowboard tuning and, with the help of our state of the art Wintersteiger tuning facility, our team can have your equipment performing at its best for your next on-snow adventure. How do I know what type of service I need? If you are uncertain of what service your equipment is in need of ask our experienced team. Usually the service needed will depend on the current condition of your equipment or any damage that it has sustained recently. PROSKI offers a vast range of different equipment services including: Clean and hot wax Clean and storage wax Edge, clean and wax Base-grind, edge, clean and wax Base-fill, base grind, edge, clean and wax De-lamination top-sheet repairs Edge repairs Core-shot repairs Binding repairs

Step 1 - Clean the base

Cleaning the base is essential to remove any dirt, grease, and wax build-up that has accumulated on the base or in the scratches, and dings. We use a special base cleaning agent and a brush on the base for this process.

Step 2 P-tex filling

Step 3 Edge tuning

The edges of your ski or snowboard will become blunt over time or from prolonged use, and it is essential to get rid of any nicks, burrs, rust or damage to ensure the maximum performance when on-snow. Dull edges will not grip the snow and have a tendency to throw off your technique. Therefore it is very important to have your equipment ceramic-disc tuned to ensure the edges are sharp, with a perfectly true edge from tip to tail and rust-free for grip and hold edge for maximum performance. The Wintersteiger ceramic disc edger will create the perfect angles on both side and base edges of your ski and board, which act like a bread knife and allow your skis/board to slice through ice and snow. The edge angles can be changed to suit all types of riding, from freeskiing to groomers, park, pipe and rails to racing. A base bevel is critical for easy turn initiation and transitions.

Step 4 - Base Grinding

During a full service, grinding the base is a very important step in getting your ski/board to perform at its best. Ski and snowboard bases should be flat. Poor performance is a result of a high base (convex) and edge high bases (concave). It is essential to get the base and the edge level and on the same plane. We achieve this through grinding with belt-finish base grind followed by a base structure.

Step 5 - Base Structure

A structure on the base is essential to reduce drag and friction and give an effective release as a ski or board without structure will "suck" to the snow, much like two pieces of glass with water between them. Our World Cup quality Wintersteiger SBI machine can alter the ski or boards structure to suit any snow condition. Large open structure for wet snow, fine structure for cold snow and powder.

Step 6 - Waxing

Our trained professionals have years of experience in ski and snowboard tuning and use world-cup level machinery such as the new infrared Wintersteiger WAX FUTURE. Waxing cannot be underestimated. It is probably the most important step in getting your skis or board to perform at their best. Basically a waxed set of skis or board glides better and more consistently. Your equipment will ride faster and turn easier. It needs to be done regularly (after every 3-4 day, when icy - more often)

Step 7 Scraping / Finishing

After the wax has been applied and ironed into the base of your ski or snowboard we will let it set and soak in then proceed to scrape off the excess wax. Once this is complete, the base needs to be finished which requires a directional brushing of the remaining wax to allow the structure to work properly. This will achieve the best glide characteristics.


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