Proski offers a wide range of snow accessories including ski helmets specifically designed and constructed for winter sports waterproof and insulated gloves, beanies, neck warmers and snow goggles. Modern goggles have dual lenses to prevent the warm interior from becoming "foggy" they all have various tints to regulate light transmission and the blue spectrum to give greater definition plus various foam layers for greater comfort. The large range of brands includes GIRO, PRET, ANON, ANTICORP, DRAGON, JETPILOT, ELECTRIC, CARVE, SANDBOX, POC and many others.

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DEMON Mini Wax Iron


DEMON Complete Tune Kit


BURTON Tuning Vices


WEND Universal Snow Wax 75gm


BURTON All-Season Speed Sauce - Blue


VITORA V1 Pro Wax Iron


KUU Triangle Wax Scraper


Burton Zip Tool

SKU: 138894
Burton Zip Tool

KUU Pro Plexi Scraper Long


KUU P-tex Drip Stick Candles - Graphite


KUU P-tex Drip Stick Candles - Clear


BURTON Tri Wax Scraper


KUU Fluorinated Snowboard Wax


KUU Genie Combo Rub On Wax


BURTON All-Season Fastest Wax


KUU Base Wax

SKU: 515
KUU Base Wax

KUU Mach fluoro wax, red


KUU Mach speed wax, yellow, warm


KUU Mach speed wax, green, cold


BURTON Rub Down Wax


BURTON Cheddar Snowboard Wax


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