ROME National Mens Snowboard 2020

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ROME National Mens Snowboard 2020

The 2020 Rome National is the right snowboard, it doesn't matter where you ride, it doesn't matter what your style is, all that matter is that you're after a board that rides hard, and rides well. The National has a directional twin shape with a fusion camber profile, giving you premium response and pop with some extra float when facing forwards. Lightweight construction, a super speedy base, and durability tech that can endure the punishment of professional riders, it's no wonder the National has quickly established itself as a team favourite. 


Board Type:All Mountain

Camber Type:Fusion Camber


Fusion Camber features positive camber through most of the running length, with a small amount of rocker just before the contact points. This design creates a versatile all-mountain freestyle feel that has the power and response of the majority positive camber zone, combined with a smoother overall feel and added rise in powder from the small dose of early rise.  

Flex:6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape:Directional Twin

This board is a twin from contact point to contact point, but has a longer nose than tail. This is an extremely versatile shape that allows you to ride both regular and switch, with extra float in the nose for all mountain freestyle riding.

Core:SuperPop Core Matrix

This lightweight, super responsive core is found in many of Romes higher performing boards, and features poplar for power and three zones of low density wood for lightness.

Carbon Single Barrel Hotrod

This configuration inlays a rod in the centreline of the board emanating from the binding towards the tip. This is great for freestyle boards that want more ollie and jump pop, without increasing the torsional stiffness of the board. Focused for a freestyle approach.

45/90 Hybrid Laminate

This laminate drives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combining the high response of 45 degree fibers with more playful and finesse-orientation of the 90 degree fibers.

Glasspack Impact Plates

4 Glasspack Impact Plates are placed under the 4 corners of your bindings to help disperse energy from your bindings before it can compress the core, resulting in a 2.5x strength increase. 

Base:SinterSpeed Base

This base delivers the premium speed that freeriders need for gliding in cold powder and that freestyle riders need for hitting take offs at the right speed.

Additional Features:

SinterStrong Sidewalls - Sintered material is more elastic than traditional sidewall material, so it can absorb impacts more easily without breaking. It also dampens vibration for a smoother overall ride.


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