ROME Gang Plank Mens Snowboard 2020

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ROME Gang Plank Mens Snowboard 2020


Len Jorgensen’s unique approach to riding is a perfect example of the Gang Plank—creativity and fun dominate his approach regardless of where his board takes him. Flat between the feet and rockered in the nose and tail, the Gang Plank has a loose, have-fun attitude towards every spot on the mountain. To balance this freestyle-heavy feel, we inlay bamboo HotRods into the core to give it more pop for carves and ollies. For riders who want a very playful approach to riding the mountain from peak to park, the Gang Plank is choice for the daily driver within the quiver.


Board Type:Park

Camber Type:Contact Rocker

Contact Rocker

This profile starts with a flat camber in the mid section of the board, and then adds rocker in front of each binding through the nose and tail. Looser and more playful than the straight Contact Camber, the rocker version is perfect for riders who want a park destroyer or an all-mountain weapon that flows smooth turns and floats effortlessly in powder.   

Flex:6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape:True Twin

True twin snowboards are 100% symmetrical with an identical nose and tail. The flex pattern and sidecut is uniform throughout, and will feel the same whether you are riding switch or regular, so you can jib, jump and spin with ease!

Core:Pop Core Matrix

This core construction is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species to achieve a balance of strength and lightness.

Bamboo Single Barrel Hotrod

This configuration inlays a rod in the centreline of the board emanating from the binding towards the tip. This is great for freestyle boards that want more ollie and jump pop, without increasing the torsional stiffness of the board. Focused for a freestyle approach.

StraightBiax Laminate

90 degree fibres that give the board a more mellow, playful feel. 

Glasspack Impact Plates

4 Glasspack Impact Plates are placed under the 4 corners of your bindings to help disperse energy from your bindings before it can compress the core, resulting in a 2.5x strength increase. 

Base:SinterTrue Base

This mid-level sintered base absorbs more wax and provides higher speeds than extruded bases. 

Additional Features:

Rebound Sidewalls - Rebound Sidewalls are made from an elastomeric compound that absorbs impacts from hard object like rails and boxes, boosting the durability of your board

QuickRip Sidecut

Two offset sidecuts create three separate sidecut zones, one in the nose, one between the feet, and one in the tail. This creates mid-board contact points that enhance edge hold and response at high speed, as well as increasing control at lower speeds.

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