Snow clothing has many functions: to keep the wearer warm and dry using various membranes (eg. Gore-tex or Entrant) that are waterproof and breathable, to be tough to take the many falls especially at the early stages of progression. Jackets should have many pockets and a storm hood and pants a snow gaiter at the cuffs not keep snow and moisture out of the boots. Gloves are very important, again waterproof, tough and breathable. For extreme cold, Mittens are superior. At Proski we offer a wide range of jackets, pants, snow suits, après boots, layering and accessories for men and ladies. We have snow gear in all sizes and styles for the latest in snow skiing fashions. Our range of brands includes ROXY, O’NEILL, KARBON, SPYDER, NILS, BURTON, FLASH GEO, 3CS, CARTEL, PURE, SURFANIC, RIPCURL. QUIKSILVER, THIRTY TWO and many others.

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NILS Dakota Ladies Jacket- White


ONEILL PW Baffle Mix Softshell- Black


BURTON Society Ladies Pant 2019 - True Black


CARTEL Buck Junior Pant 2018


BURTON Sweetart Junior Pant - Stripe


BURTON Sweetart Junior Pant 2018- Black


HALTI Sere Mens Jacket - Lime Green


ROXY Quinn Ladies Jacket - Dusty Cedar


ADVENTURE LINE Thermal Unisex Long Sleeve Crew- Navy


ADVENTURE LINE Thermal Unisex Pants - Navy


XTM Inessa Kids Apres Boot - Black


PROTEST Miika Mens Pants- Red Burn


NILS Nikki Ladies Jacket- White


NILS Makala Faux Fur Ladies Jacket - Poppy


SPYDER Hera Ladies Jacket- Turkish Sea/Hibiscus


RIP CURL Fury Ladies Jacket- Crystal Grey


RIPCURL Snake Junior Jacket - Jet Black


XTM Axel Mens Jacket - Grey Denim


XTM Axel Mens Jacket - Navy Denim


XTM Glide II Mens Pant- Black


XTM Jagger Mens Bib- Black


XTM Layla Ladies Bib- Black


XTM Layla Ladies Bib- Shiraz


CARTEL Queens Ladies Pants - Blue Heather


CARTEL Kicker Mens Pants - Black


CARTEL Brooklyn Ladies Jacket - Tropic


CARTEL Brooklyn Ladies Jacket - White


Cartel Peaches Junior Jacket- Purple


PURE Riderz Sierra Ladies Pant - Peacock


BASIC Hood- Peach


BASIC Box Crewneck


BASIC Hood- Black


DC Riji Ladies Jacket - Black


DC Viva Ladies Pant- Incense


DC Snowstar Technical Hoodie - Black


DC DCLA Ladies Jacket - Black


DC Torstein Mens Boot - Black/Grey/Red


Quiksilver Estate Youth Pant - Black


ROXY American Pie SE Junior Jacket - Indie Stripe


SURFANIC Fidget Junior Pant- Orange


RIPCURL Base Junior Pant - Black


Ripcurl Dinky Junior Pant- Aruba Blue


SURFANIC Dynamo Pant Junior- Fiesta Orange


SURFANIC Dynamo Pant Junior- Spectra Yellow


SURFANIC Dynamo Pant Junior- Mighty Blue


SURFANIC Dynamo Pant Junior- Black


SPYDER Propulsion Junior Pant- Black


Surfanic Pippa Junior Pant - Light Blue


SPYDER Leader Boys Jacket - Malibu Blue


BURTON Mens Gore-Tex Glove - Cloud Shadow


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