Snow Goggles are a type of eyewear traditionally used by the Inuit to prevent snow blindness from the reflection of the ice. Most modern Goggles have a double-layered lens to avoid the interior from becoming "foggy". The current approach of construction for this eyewear gear guarantees comfort and excellent visibility. Proski offers several models with a large range of colours from famous brands such as Dragon, Giro, ANON, OAKLEY, ELECTRIC, POC and many others.

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OAKLEY Flight Deck Goggle - Henrick Harlaut Signature W/ Prizm Torch


OAKLEY Flight Deck Goggle - Henrick Harlaut Signature W/ Prizm Jade


DRAGON X1 Verge Goggle - Lumalens Flash Blue


Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XL Goggle - Black


CARVE First Tracks Goggles - Army Green


SANDBOX The Kingpin Goggle - White


ANON Relapse MFI Asian Fit Goggle - Skully Black


ANON Deringer MFI Goggles - LAMB + Gold Chrome


ANON Mig MFI Goggle - Bear + Sonar Infrared


ANON Mig MFI Goggle - Red Eye + Sonar Red


ANON Relapse MFI Goggle - HCSC


ANON Relapse MFI Goggle - Skully Black


ANON Helix 2.0 Goggle - Yellow


DRAGON NFXS Split Goggle - Lumalens Blue


DRAGON X1s Olio Signature Goggle - Lumalens Flash Blue


Nike Command Goggle- Black


ANTICORP OTG Goggle - Black/Yellow


ANTICORP Mid Size Goggle - White/Yellow


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