Water ski lines and handles are necessary accessories for water skiing. The line must be sufficiently long for manoeuvring, with a recommended length of 23 metres (75 ft.) although length varies widely depending on the type of water skiing and the skier's skill level. For Slalom skiing we have either long Vee or short Vee handles and various lines with sections to allow shortening of the line. Wakeboarding uses a non stretch Spectra line with a wider handle and the line will have many shortenings to align correctly with the highest part of the boats wake. With Barefooting we carry the three handles necessary which are all wider, Slalom, Front Toe and Rear Toe. Barefooters use a non stretch Spectra line at 80’. At Proski we offer a variety of ropes and accessories for water-skiing such as JOBE Omnia handle, KIDDER Team Long Vee Handle, JOBE SPORT SERIES, ML Flex, JETPILOT 2-4 person tube, MASTERLINE Sport rope + Double handles, ADVANTAGE Lines, Intensity Barefoot handles and Lines and much more.

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FOLLOW BP Pro Wakeboard Rope - Teal


JOBE Spectra Wakeboard Rope


JOBE Omnia Kneeboard Rope + Handle


JOBE Elite Wakeboard Combo


KIDDER Defence Wakeboard Combo


ML Switch Combo Wakeboard Rope + Handle


ML Spectra Fusion Barefoot Rope


PROLINE Heavy Duty Tube Rope - 4 Person


Kidder Tube Rope - 1 Person


KIDDER Tube Rope - 2 Person


KIDDER Team 5 Loop Short V Rope + Handle


KIDDER Wakesurf Rope


ML Sport Combo Rope + Double Handles - Yellow/Red


HO Power Grip Handle + 8 Section Mainline


HO TPU EXT Team 13" Standard Handle + 5 Section Rope


HO 70ft Ltd 8 Section Slalom Main Line


JET PILOT Wakesurf Tow Rope - Blue


FOLLOW BP Pro Wakeboard Rope - Yellow


FOLLOW Oli Pro Wakeboard Rope + Handle Package


FOLLOW Pizza Boy Wakeboard Handle


FOLLOW Pizza Boy WakeBoard Rope


JOBE Wakesurf Rope


FOLLOW Wakesurf Package


FOLLOW Beacon Pro Rope


WILLIAMS Barefoot Back Toe Harness


WILLIAMS Barefoot Front Toe Harness


Jobe OMNIA Kneeboard Handle and Mainline


KIDDER Team Long V Handle


JOBE Sport Series Short V 5 Section Rope + Handle


JOBE Easy Up 12" Handle + Mainline


JOBE Sport Series 5 Section Rope + Long V Handle


KIDDER Outboard Bridle XL 4.2m


JET PILOT Wakesurf Tow Rope - Yellow


JET PILOT Tube Rope - 1 Person


FOLLOW Basics Rope + Handle Package


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